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Register for a BN

Canadian Business Number (BN)

If your company is going to do business in Canada, it's possible that you will need a Business Number (BN). The Business Number system was introduced by the Canadian Government to streamline how businesses deal with each other and the public sector.

To register your business and get a BN, you will also need to have a personal tax number. For further details, you can check our Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN) information. can organise the following for you:

  • BN application
  • Canada Revenue Agency programme application
  • Application for a new BN in the event that the legal entity of your business has changed

If you've got any questions that aren't answered here, or you'd like to talk to someone about your refund now, Chat Live online with our staff via instant messenger.

What is a Canadian Business Number?

The Business Number is a system introduced in Canada that simplifies and streamlines the way businesses deal with the federal government

Who needs a Business Number (BN)?

If you are a sole proprietor, partner in a partnership, or corporation owner, your business will need a BN to operate in Canada.

How much does a BN cost?

Business Number (BN): For BN application we charge a flat fee of CA$50.00. The fee is paid before submitting the application to the tax authorities.

Do I need to register for any Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) programme account?

When registering for BN, you do not need to have registered for CRA programme account. Whether you do or not depends on your individual situation. Question 5 outlines the circumstances under which you need to register for a CRA programme account.

When I am obliged to register for any CRA programme account?

  • GST/HST account – You should register if your worldwide sales were more than CA$ 30000 (CA$ 50000 if you are a Public Service Body)
  • Payroll account – You should register if you are making payroll payments, RRSP payments or RRIF payments, or any other payments on behalf of your employees.
  • Import/Export account – You should register if you are importing or exporting goods/services for commercial purposes
  • Corporation Income Tax Account – You should register if your business is federally or provincially incorporated, or if you are a non-resident corporation, operating in Canada.

Can I have more than one CRA programme account from each type?

Yes. When filing your BN registration application you can register for one account of each of the four major types, but once registered, you can open more than one programme accounts. We can assist you with your CRA programme registration.

There was a change in the ownership of the business I am part of. Do I need a new BN?

As every case is different, Canada Revenue Agency advises that you contact them in order to confirm whether or not you need a new BN.

I am a sole proprietor, but I don't have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). Can I get a BN to operate?

To be able to operate as a sole proprietor in Canada, you must have a valid tax number such as a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN). also provides both SIN and ITN application services.

I am letting property in Canada. Do I need to register for a BN?

Not unless you are renting out the property through a business entity. As a foreign individual, who is receiving non-employment income, you will need an ITN. We can help you apply for it.

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